Who is Stuppy?

From a rose garden in the 1800’s to designing, manufacturing, and constructing commercial, research, and educational greenhouse facilities, Stuppy, Inc. has cultivated a business to meet the needs of local, national and international customers. The history of the company has been intertwined with the history of the horticulture industry and continues to grow and lead today. Now, under its fifth generation of operation, Matt Stuppy oversees the daily operations of the expanded organizations of Stuppy, Inc. The Stuppy family has been committed to the industry and values the relationships made along the way.

Matt Stuppy - President

Matt is a 5th Generation member of the Stuppy Family and our President. His guiding principles revolve around the fact that well cared for and happy employees create outstanding greenhouses and customer service. 

He is passionate about discovery and understanding how things work. 

Anna Haley - Operations and Project Manager

Anna is fairly new to Stuppy but she has had quite the impact.  As a project manager she ensures greenhouse construction projects are completed as planned. 

Anna also is part of the operations team, making sure our internal company processes and operations lead to the best product on the market. 

Vicky Wantland - Project Manager

Vicky worked her way up from the watering department to small parts to shipping and receiving and finally into sales. She has been in sales since 1977 and with Stuppy for 45 years. She loves interacting with people in the greenhouse industry. 

Her industry and customer knowledge is unparalleled.  

Lynn Kueker - Poject Manager

Lynn has been with Stuppy for almost 45 years. She is the school greenhouse project manager.

Her tenacity and ability to manage a project gives the customers she works with peace of mind that the project will be done right.

Chris Oden - Project Coordinator

Chris is fairly new to Stuppy and works as a Project Coordinator. He is a University of Central Missouri grad with a degree in horticulture. 

His goal is to be a fruit and vegetable producer. Although he is new, his customer service and industry knowledge has made a big impact. 

Todd Beeler - Engineer and Technical Help

Todd had been an engineer with Stuppy for over 20 years. He is currently the engineering lead for all greenhouse projects. His background also includes greenhouse construction and production. 

Todd and his wife have a family of three boys. They get outdoors any chance possible to hike, boat and ride bikes. 

Phil Bishop - Marketing

Phil has been with Stuppy since 2011. He has a horticulture degree from Kansas State University. 

He helps run the marketing department and enjoys helping customers find the right greenhouse.

When you Choose Stuppy, you are choosing a team committed to getting it right.