Rainbow® Plus: Transplant

Designed Exactly for What it's Name is: Transplants

The Transplant came out of the need for an efficient greenhouse, in terms of harvesting and square footage of seedlings/transplants. Plant site and watering boom efficiency increased by widening the house to a standard 35'. When combined with Stuppy "T" rails and drop curtains every square inch of greenhouse space can be utilized and easily harvested right from the sidewall.

The Stuppy Rainbow® Plus: Transplant sets the industry standard for quality, performance and value. Its versatility allows growers to cover any seedlings, plugs or transplants from 1,000 to 1 million square feet. The strength and durability of the Rainbow® Plus: Transplant delivers years of efficient, dependable crop protection and environmental control. The Rainbow® Plus: Transplant features all-aluminum gutters, Y and L connectors that are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Transplant 665 x 375

Standard Specifications

  • Structure width: 35'
  • 2.875" O.D. - 13 gauge 60/70 KSI Columns
  • 6' column and truss spacing
  • 1.90" O.D. - 14 gauge 50/65 KSI Arch Steel
  • 1.315" O.D. - 16 gauge 50/55 KSI Purlin
  • 6' Sidewall Height