Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heat in the Greenhouse

Looking to maximize heating efficiency in the greenhouse? It’s good to know Stuppy. We have expanded our product line to offer a Hydronic Heat system, designed in-house. Hydronic heat provides even control of soil temperature by heating the soil at the root zone, using rubber tubing radiant-heat to foster healthy plant growth. Whether you’re a grower looking to promote a higher seed germination rate, accelerate rooting in young plants, or speed up plant growth, hydronic bench direct heating can help you grow better. We are ready to partner with you to design a Hydronic Heat system tailored to the needs of your operation.

Bench Heating Benefits

Heating the soil makes all the difference. Because hydronic bench heat stays where it needs to be – surrounding the plant like an envelope – growers see the benefits of better plant quality and shorter crop times. When heat is directly and evenly distributed at the root zone, plants have less disease, resulting in higher yield and more profits to you. It’s good to know that bench heat is more economical than conventional forced-air heating, offering up to 20% in fuel savings. Plus, growers can use the flexibility of creating different temperature zones for crops in the same growing environment.

Hydronic Heating System

Let us design a Hydronic Heat system for your greenhouse. Here’s how our system is built to meet your needs:

  • High quality, flexible EPDM tubing that withstands UV light, fertilizers, and high temperatures.
  • Manifolds custom designed for each system are watertight, and tubing spacers are cut to your bench width for ease of installation and optimum design spacing.
  • Special pressed barb fittings installed on top of the manifold speed up and simplify tubing installation.
  • Ridged tube spacers can easily be installed onto bench tops, without having to install more than two or three fasteners.

Stuppy’s Hydronic Heat system comes with all the equipment needed to circulate water between the tubes and the heat source; from piping and water treatment, to a digital controller and bench material. The system can combine EPDM tubing with either a grower-supplied hot water heater (when the bench growing area is under 450 sq ft), or a boiler for larger growing areas, which can be supplied by Stuppy.

Stuppy's Hydronic Heating System Includes

  • Piping
  • Tubing
  • Power wire
  • Bench heating material
  • Air & water controls
  • Manifold
  • System pump
  • Spacers
  • Electronic controller with built-in digital display
  • Easy to follow instructions and drawings, drafted in-house
  • Water treatment
  • Compatible boiler or grower-supplied hot water heater (if less than 450 sq ft)

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