Rainbow® Plus

The Rainbow® Plus is an excellent choice for the commercial grower who wants an affordable, productive and profitable growing space.

The Stuppy Rainbow® Plus sets the industry standard for quality, performance and value. Its versatility allows growers to cover anything from 1,000 to 1 million square feet. The strength and durability of the Rainbow® Plus delivers years of efficient, dependable crop protection and environmental control. The Rainbow® Plus features all-aluminum gutters, Y and L connectors that are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Available in Rainbow (rounded-arch) or Diamond (peaked-arch) profiles. Wing roof vents can be adapted to both roof styles. The Rainbow® Plus provides a low-profile roof line to reduce heated surface area and to help stratify the air, increasing the efficiency of summer cooling. Y and L connectors help make construction simple and easy, providing built-in connections for columns, bows, horizontal bottom members (HBM) and eves. Direct connection of bows to columns through the Y and L connectors accommodates higher loads with open columns; easy connection of the HBM or truss allows the Rainbow® Plus to meet toughest conditions and codes. Direct connections of the bows and columns allow the gutter to be designed for work and water removal, not to be a structural member; the gutter also has an extruded-in Polylock®, making installation of covering more efficient.

Standard Specifications

  • 2.875" O.D. - 13 gauge 60/70 KSI Columns
  • 6' column and truss spacing
  • 1.90" O.D. - 14 gauge 50/65 KSI Arch Steel
  • 1.315" O.D. - 16 gauge 50/55 KSI Purlin
  • 8' Sidewall Height (10' available)

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