Find the Right Construction Path

When it comes time to construct your greenhouse there are several ways Stuppy can help. The first way is more hands off on our part. This is the self build. We are here to trouble shoot and give advice but as the name implies you are constructing the greenhouse on your own. We do supply very easy to read construction drawings that lay out the materials and the construction sequence.

The next version of construction is the basic build of the greenhouse. This is when Stuppy manages a construction crew that comes to your location and builds the greenhouse. Typically this doesn't include hooking up any of the electricity or water. The equipment is hung and in place but the actual connections are done by a contractor you would hire locally. This route of construction, we come in after the grading has been completed along with utilities being in place. We then erect the greenhouse and leave it finished and ready for the utility contractors to hook up the equipment. A project manager will be your main contact and will be in communication with you though out the entire build.

Lastly we offer a more in depth version of managed construction. It is a vague term but sometimes referred to as Turn-key. By going this route Stuppy will act as the general contractor, hiring subcontractors for needed work i.e. grading, concrete, utilities etc. The project manager will be in constant contact as the project progresses. We take the responsibility of ensuring the greenhouse is complete and done right from start to finish, from bare land to a functioning greenhouse.

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In Good Hands

  • One point of contact project manager
  • Long time professional greenhouse builders
  • 1000's of greenhouse builds
  • Open and fast communication
  • Customize your construction needs

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