How do I know which greenhouse is best suited for me?

Many factors come into play in this part of the decision making process. Some important items to consider are:

  1. Code Requirements – Not all greenhouse frames are designed to meet all codes
  2. What type of crop are you growing? Will it be grown on the floor, benches, or supported from the greenhouse frame? • What are you going to use this greenhouse for? Will you be growing or retailing?
  3. Who is going to do the construction? Will you and your staff be constructing or will you hire a contractor?
  4. What are your expansion plans?
  5. What kind of budget are you working with? Some specific items to consider are:
    1. Basic frame, covering and equipment package
    2. Site preparation
    3. Plumbing
    4. Electrical
    5. Lighting
    6. Concrete – concrete walks vs. complete concrete floors and piers
    7. Labor to erect greenhouse
    8. Water containment – is it required by your state?
    9. ADA requirements – parking, accessibility, etc
    10. Shade systems