Commercial Growing Systems

Commercial Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a reliable, technology-driven method for growers to increase efficiency while reducing crop disease and pesticide use. Greenhouse growers are increasingly turning to Hydroponics for faster production, as well as to save on labor, energy, and space. If you are looking to create the ideal nutrient environment, elevate crop quality, and meet higher quantity standards, consider partnering with Stuppy to design your custom Hydroponic Growing System. We’ve manufactured several stand-alone Hydroponic Systems for commercial growers, including NFT, Bucket, and Ebb & Flood based designs, which obtain their nutrients from a soluble fertilizer compounds.

NFT Systems

Stuppy’s NFT Systems make growing easy by economizing space and offering flexibility, while maximizing crop propagation and turnover. We engineered our NFT system for easy expansion over time by designing modules that can be incorporated together without requiring any significant or complex alterations.

Stuppy’s NFT Growing Systems stand apart when it comes to quality and dependability:

  • Durable: NFT systems have all PVC based irrigation and a heavy-duty steel-based frame.
  • Efficient: Ideal pump and pipe sizes used to minimize pressure loss and power consumption over time.
  • Optimal Crop Production: Our growing systems utilize optimal transplant spacing parameters.
  • Better (2-Piece) NFT Channel Assembly, making it easier to clean and harvest crops, yield more, and grow more varieties including strawberries.
  • Expandable 5’ L NFT segments can be easily added on to each module.
  • Dosing Automation: The AutoGrow IntelliDose automatically adjusts nutrient/pH parameters over time and can be implemented on any size system.
  • Easy Set-Up: PVC assemblies and components are premanufactured – no tools required.
  • Protected by our Lifetime Troubleshooting Guarantee.

Hydroponic NFT Benches

Featuring an open gutter with spacing that can be tailored or removed to meet the needs of your crop, the system is highly flexible. Automation options are also available for both the NFT-36 and the NFT-72. 

NFT-72: 4’ x 8’ NFT bench with 12 plant sites on 6 channels.

NFT-36: 4’ x 4’ NFT bench with 6 plant sites on 6 channels.

Ebb & Flood Systems

With plants immersed directly in the nutrient solution, an Ebb and Flood system is a simple and effective means of greenhouse growing. Stuppy’s Ebb & Flood systems include Lifetime Technical Support, are shipped with a 75-gallon reservoir and contain all necessary plumbing and parts to get you growing.

Ebb & Flood Benches

The EF-16 and EF-32 may be used for growing potted plants, as a media bed, to support seedling production in a larger greenhouse, or any other common use of Ebb & Flood systems.

EF-32: 4’ x 8’ Ebb & Flood bench resting on a 36" bench, offering 32 square feet of growing space.

EF-16: 4’ x 4’ Ebb & Flood bench resting on a 36" bench, offering 16 square feet of growing space.

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