Greenhouse Hemp

Grow Hemp in a Greenhouse for Faster Turns

Hemp production is a dynamic and growing market in North America, with growers producing hemp for a variety of needs. From growing for its seeds and flowers for CBD oil to be used in health foods, organic body care, and other nutraceuticals, to using the plant’s fiber and stalks in clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites and more, hemp is an exciting opportunity with room for growth.

Growers investing in the future of hemp can ensure healthy crops, high yields and strong profits by choosing to grow in a greenhouse, where you have complete control over the environment. Whether you are a young plant producer or are looking increase yields of mature crops, Stuppy can design a complete greenhouse for you. Our greenhouses are engineered and manufactured in-house and tailored to your needs with environmental controls, automation options and overall crop protection that will give your business a competitive edge. We offer custom solutions for hemp growers like you, backed by excellent customer service, an expert sales staff who get things right for each project, and the resources it takes to see your greenhouse through to completion.

Complete control of young hemp plant production

Our dependable Rainbow® Plus and CS3 greenhouses are great matches for hemp production, whether you’re starting with seed and moving to flats, or finishing in pots.

With the strong and versatile Rainbow® Plus, hemp crops will thrive under complete environmental control and with ample space thanks to an 8’ sidewall that allows the crop to be grown to within 2’ of the sidewall. It can be fitted with either 6mil double polyethylene or 8mm twin wall polycarbonate on the roof, and either poly or polycarbonate on the sides and ends. The Rainbow® Plus is a flexible and affordable choice that can grow with you, allowing growers to gutter connect for more square footage within a limited space.

The CS3 is a traditional A-frame greenhouse, providing you with a long-term solution with true staying power. Engineered to easily adapt to a wide range of standard sizes, the CS3 allows for a custom design that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of hemp crops. Fusing superior strength with quality construction, this greenhouse features standard 12-foot truss spacing and can be gutter connected for expansion. The CS3 is completely clad in polycarbonate covering, reducing future maintenance.

Greenhouse grown hemp produces greater yields

Exposure to the elements through outdoor growing can have devastating results on your investment, or limit crop production by season. With greenhouse production, crops can be moved into vegetative growth during winter, and flowering in early summer. Some of the benefits to hemp grown in the greenhouse include:

  • Tighter control of the growing environment, light, wind and soil conditions.
  • Increased turn: While most outside growers are limited to a single crop rotation per year, greenhouse production will result in 2 to 3 crop rotations in a year, with a higher yield of product to send to market.
  • Controlled lighting, so growers can increase light or add light-deprivation to induce flowering. Both the Rainbow® Plus and CS3 can be fitted with light deprivation systems.
  • Filtered air to avoid cross-pollination.
  • Heating and cooling options suited for hemp, which loves a warm climate with some humidity. For example, Stuppy’s Heat2O™ Hydronic Bench Heat promotes higher seed germination rate and accelerated rooting in young plants and increased plant growth for quicker crop turns. Hydronic heat provides even control of soil temperature by heating the soil at the root zone, using rubber tubing radiant-heat to foster healthy plant growth.
  • Stuppy’s Shade System keeps temps cool and daytime light just right. With a slope-flat-slope configuration, the system offers maximum clearance for equipment and ventilation and can be tailored to meet your needs. Choose from a wide selection of standard sizes and fabrics ranging from 15% to 70% shade.

Stuppy offers a range of greenhouse equipment specific to your hemp production needs, including heaters, fans with shutters, HAF fans and exterior shade cloths for more intense summer climates.

Want to know more? Contact the Stuppy Sales Team to learn more about the benefits of growing hemp in a greenhouse and get a quote started today.