Bedding plants to Poinsettias

Between germinating, transplanting, growing, hardening off and shipping your beautiful plants, control is the underlining "magic" that produces the highest quality material. Whether it is controlling the temperature or a disease, being able to make adjustments to the environment is a key design factor for a greenhouse. To get the design right for your business it takes in-depth communication between you and Stuppy. We have learned, over the past 45 years, that the our most successful greenhouse designs have all gone through a simple process. Here is an overview of our process (PDF).

We focus on what is important to you i.e. size and strength but in detail, the environment and efficiency of the greenhouse. You need to grow your plants quickly and inexpensively but not at the expense of quality. It's more work on our end but we don't offer "off the shelf kits," we design for the specific needs of your business. This is true for 2000 sqft to 1,000,000 sqft and beyond.


What to Expect

  • One point of contact for design, budgeting and sale
  • In-house engineering
  • A dedicated project manager
  • Manufacturing direct from our facility to your property
  • Helpful and timely customer service
  • Post build resources i.e. troubleshooting, parts and materials etc.