Aqueduct Expansion: The NFT Bench

A first of it's kind drop-in NFT bench for your Aqueduct

Our drop-in NFT bench is perfect for the teacher who wants to add an additional method of growing to their curriculum. 

Nutrient Film Technique or NFT, is traditionally very difficult to do in Aquaponics. You can make your own, but our bench is a unique addition to the market as the first ready to use NFT bench. 

It's features include:

  • 6 total NFT Channels, for up to a maximum of 54 additional Plant sites
  • Drop-in Installation: all it takes is two hoses to get it running with your existing Aqueduct
  • Flexible placement: the NFT can be placed in line with your existing Aqueduct or can rotate to be fit elsewhere in your greenhouse

With the additional method of growing plants, you can gather additional data, run additional experiments, or even grow strawberries in your classroom. The possibilities are truly endless. 

The NFT bench is Available Now and can be added to your Aqueduct for $900 plus cost of shipping