Lighting Packages

Keep those plants healthy and thriving with one of out several lighting options.

We currently offer 2 different Lighting Kits for the Aqueduct and will be debuting an additional LED lighting option soon. 

HPS High Intensity Discharge Lights

If your Aqueduct will be operating in a greenhouse but needs supplemental lights for teaching experiments and extending the day, we offer a High Pressure Sodium Lighting solution. We recommend HPS lights for greenhouse usage with the Aqueduct for their smaller size and the reduced shadows they cast. 

Fluorescent Lighting

We offer a Fluorescent Lighting Package of Agrobrite T5 lights and our custom designed Lighting Bench for the Aqueduct. These lights are ideal for your system if you will be operating it in an indoor environment.   

Coming Soon: LED Lighting

Currently in testing in our Warehouse, we are committed to sourcing and offering the best LED lighting solution we cna for the Aqueduct that we can. Watch this space for additional information as it become available. 

Lighting Packages are available now starting at $560