Heater Package

A complete kit for adding a water heater to your Aqueduct.

Our most popular optional component, the Heater package includes a Heater and all necessary PVC fittings to attach it to your Aqueduct system. 

If you plan on operating the system in an environment that will be consistently less than 65 degrees or if you use Dif to control plant height in your greenhouse the Heater is a must have option. 

The kit includes a 1.5kw In-Line heater capable of raising the water temperature of your Aqueduct up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The PVC fitting include a everything you need to isolate the Heater from the main system as well for periods of non-use and routine maintenance, and the unit can be added to an existing Aqueduct with very little work. 

The Heater is available now for $950