Float bed Expansion

A second Deepwater Raft bay to grow even more of the leafy greens Aquaponics is famous for.

Every Aqueduct comes standard with a Deepwater Raft bay capable of growing up to 58 plants at a time. We offer an optional second bay for the Aqueduct that doubles that number to 116. 

This second bay is so much more than that however. In addition to the plant sites, it offers the following benefits:

  • Additional 300 Gallon water capacity so you may safely raise additional Fish
  • Flexible placement to accommodate any size space
  • Can be added to an already operating Aqueduct system with little effort*

We currently use one of these in our Niles research system to test different configurations of lights and plants under the same water conditions. What could you do with yours?

*Aqueduct v1.0 owners(shipped prior to 2017) can not add the expansion to an operating system and will need to make modifications. 

The Expansion bed is available now for $1100