Electrical Conductivity Meter

Gather additional data on the water quality and overall health of your Aqueduct.

To successfully maintain an Aquaponic System like the Aqueduct, you need to know some factors about the quality of the water. The most commonly used measurements are the pH, Ammonia Nitrate, and Nitrite levels. 

Another common measurement is the EC or Electrical Conductivity of the water. Measuring this allows you to access a wealth of additional data about the Health of your Aqueduct and gives your students an even wider range of data to draw conclusions from in their experiments.

Electrical conductivity is a measure of the dissolved salts in a solution. Students who track the EC of an Aqueduct system will be able to:

  • Determine Total Hardness and Alkalinity
  • Determine how to correlate EC with the amount of available Nutrients in the system


Our EC Meter is available for $132, sold separately or packed with any Aqueduct purchase.