The Swirl Clarifier

The core Aqueduct will operate for up to 12 months at a time between cleanings, but will require periodic maintenance to keep buildup of solid waste to a  minimum. Our Clarifier option will filter out the majority of this waste, allowing the system to stay in operation much longer before it requires cleaning. 

The Clarifier uses simple physics to make your life easier when operating the system. Solid particles get trapped in the clarifier rather than flowing directly into the media bed. Fewer particles in the media bed means that you have less to clean when after you harvest the fish, saving you time.  Less cleaning also means that you can extend the life of your media, saving you money you might down the road. 

The Clarifier can be added to an existing system with minimal modification, or shipped with a new purchase ready to install.


The Clarifier is $650 plus shipping charges, unless sold with a new system.