Educational Growing Systems

Complete Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems to meet the needs of Teachers and Educators.

Stuppy is proud to offer growing system solutions for Teachers and Educators. From our core product, the Aqueduct, to our Hydroponic NFT and Ebb and Flood systems, Stuppy is here to help you. 

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The Aqueduct

The Aqueduct comes fully equipped with everything you need to start growing produce and raising Fish.

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Ebb and Flood Systems

Stuppy is now offering two sizes of Ebb and Flood systems to meet your needs.

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Aqueduct Expansion Components

If you have specific needs we offer components to expand the capacity of the Aqueduct.

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NFT Benches

Stuppy is now offering two different NFT benches for educators, featuring our open gutter system.

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We offer a 19 week STEM curriculum that meets NGSS standards with every Aqueduct. Also available separately.

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