Seasonal Shut Down of the Greenhouse

It’s the end of your growing season or the end of the school year. You won’t be using the greenhouse for a few months but can you “shut down” a greenhouse? We believe that a greenhouse is more than a building. It is a growing machine and the heart of your business. First of all […]

Dreamer or Doer?

Ambition is the American Way.  It drives us to do and create great things in the face of overwhelming obstacles and competition.  You know the names: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Buffet, Gates and Jobs.  Although ambition often has a negative connotation and does have a dark side, when harnessed and channeled, it drives us to do […]

Pre-Season Checklist for Greenhouse Heaters

Caution: All work on heating equipment should be performed by qualified service personnel. General Maintenance and Visual Checks: Check equipment for any physical damage that may have occurred over the summer. This should include damage to sheet metal, fans and air movers, wiring, gas piping, and vent system. Check for cleanliness of heat exchanger and […]

Double Poly Installation Helpful Hints

There is more than one way to fillet a fish and the same goes for installing the poly on your greenhouse. Below is just one method to help you get an idea of how the process goes: 1. Make sure all rough edges are taped to prevent tearing of poly and extrusions are in place […]

Unclog the Energy Drain

When considering expanding your grow space there are a thousand things to consider. We’re going to tackle five different solutions. As we know, energy costs are a large drain on the profit margin, but there are other options to consider instead of, “that’s how we’ve always done it.” For example, at Laughing Stock Farm, in […]

Reducing Labor Costs: Not Laborers

A common misconception in reducing labor costs is that you have to reduce your staff. Not true. When we talk about reducing labor costs, it’s really the labor cost per plant. The suggestions that we are making are to help your staff and optimize their time and energies while working. There are three ways that […]

Recommended Practices Concerning Film Greenhouse Covering

Except for greenhouse covering expressly known to be manufactured for greenhouse use, no polyethylene or other film should be used as glazing, for covering any greenhouse or for any similar purpose. Single layers of film may not be sufficiently resistant to wind stress of impact.  Therefore, it is recommended that two layers, air inflated to […]

Grant Writing Tips

The thought of having to write a grant can seem like the most overwhelming task you have been faced with as a teacher. We have tried to compile a few tips that we have come across. If you have any to add, please do so. We hope that you will find this information beneficial to […]

Construction Definitions

Basic Erection: The greenhouse columns will be set in concrete piers or attached to a base plate to a provided foundation. The greenhouse frame will be erected, covering will be installed along with all Stuppy provided equipment. All electrical (power and control) inside and outside of the greenhouse are excluded. All plumbing (water and gas) […]